Spartan Resurrection (Memoirs of Nathanial Kenworthy, Book II)

Spartan Resurrection (Memoirs of Nathanial Kenworthy, Book II)
Length: 254
ASIN: 1494327023
King Leonidas and 300 brave Spartans were cheated out of life on a sordid day in August, 480 BCE, betrayed by the cowardly Ephialtes for a few pieces of Persian gold. By a twist of fate, these proud warriors once again walk the earth at a time when all has changed but all still remains the same. As the drama unfolds, an enigmatic metal disc holds the key to the Spartan's future and past.
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About the Book

Nathanial Kenworthy decides to travel to the ancient battle site where a mere 300 courageous Spartan warriors fought against a million Persians in 480 BCE. His purpose is to find a commemorative medallion that ancient writers spoke of, but was never found. This elusive relic from the past held the future of the murdered Spartans in its power.

After weeks of traveling the indigo Mediterranean waters, Nathanial arrives in Athens and aboard his trusty donkey he heads north. The pair  arrive at the sacred burial mound in Thermopylae, only to be greeted by the trembling earth beneath their feet…this was a warning that evil lurked behind every tree and hill.

Once at the site, a mild mannered Greek farmer, Christos, is hired along with a few men to excavate the burial mound in search of the lost treasure from the past. One priceless artifact could end our hero’s life as he succumbs to the secret power of a red-figure vase that was discovered while on survey.

Regardless of his peril, the brave men fight the odds and made a once-in-a-lifetime discovery that changed the course of history. An event that is talked about even to this very day in a small rural town found  next to the resting place of the Spartan warriors’ last earthly remains.

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