Secret of the Nile: The Prelude

Secret of the Nile: The Prelude
Length: Novella
ASIN: B00IU8X768
In Secret of the Nile: The Prelude of the Memoirs of Nathanial Kenworthy series, we find my fifteen-year-old grandfather facing his first and possibly most terrifying adventure. In a do-or-die confrontation with the past, Nathanial match wits with the remaining souls of a religious sect that worships the goddess Bastet from the long-lost days of Egypt’s New Kingdom era.
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About the Book

Find out where it all started!

If you like non-stop action that will keep you turning the pages until the end, here it is. This is the first in the Nathanial Kenworthy series, set in the early years of the 19th century…a time when every respectable English gentleman cast caution to the wind for world-wide adventures and glory.

Plato’s memorable works hold the key to the location of the goddess Bastet’s lost religious sect, and always up for a challenge, Nathanial Kenworthy attempts to solve a great mystery from the past. With a hand-full of experienced adventurers, he sets out from the fog-encrusted British Isles for the sun baked lands of ancient Egypt.

The future of the expedition begins to unravel as Nathanial and his men face death squarely in the face. Once in the land of the ancient pharaohs, the intrepid explorers are hounded by a villainous trinity of despair … barbarous thieves, carnivorous scorpions, and murderous viziers.

There is danger at every step…but danger can be addictive to your soul.



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