Perils of the Amazon (Memoirs of Nathanial Kenworthy, Book I)

Perils of the Amazon (Memoirs of Nathanial Kenworthy, Book I)
Length: 275 pages
ASIN: 1492185841
It's grandfather, crew, and captain of the tramp steamer, The Hattie Chester, challenge the mighty Amazon and its many indigenous tribes in a do-or-die confrontation. Along the way fate steps in as an evil forest spirit steals the soul of the brave Captain Simeon Parsons. A wise shaman befriends my granddad as this unlikely team gives chase to rescue their kidnapped friend across a surrealistic landscape of death and despair riddled with the bones of the less fortunate. Who will win the tug-of-war for the Captains' soul?
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About the Book

In the next exciting story in the series, Nathanial Kenworthy makes his way to the New World on a whaling ship. Once he witnesses the inhumane butchering of a gentle leviathan of the sea, he jumps ship and ends up on The Hattie Chester. 

On The Hattie he befriends the wise and noble, Captain Simeon Parsons and together with a crew of brave sailors, they make their way up the mighty River Amazon to trade with the local indigenous tribes. However, many of the tribes have no desire to trade for trinkets, rather, they want human blood and skulls to adorn their ceremonial spears.

As such, the captain and crew face the meanest collection of warriors that lived along the ribbon of dreams and riches: the Kurubu, Nereyana, Kanibo, and Awa…are all vying for the heads of our intrepid travelers. Whilst the men do escape from the warriors of the land, it is Captain Simeon Parsons who falls prey to a malevolent spirit of the forest. And the chase is on to save the beloved Captain’s soul from eternal damnation.

Nathanial allies with a wise shaman in a dramatic cat-and-mouse astral journey to recapture the lost soul…can he be saved?

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