About the Author

RCKwritingWelcome! I’ve been writing since 2007 and after all these years my passion for creating adventurous worlds, different characters and exciting situations is burning brighter than ever. Here are the answers to my most asked questions.

Why did you start writing?

My inspiration for writing has been incubating within for many years. I’m an avid reader and traveler, so it seems that writing about adventures in exotic lands was a natural manifestation of my being.

What is your background?

I earned a four-year degree in Ancient Art and Archaeology (Greek and Roman) from Brock University, Canada. Having visited the ancient lands of the Roman and Greek warriors firsthand provided the impetus to spin non-stop action stories.

How was the Nathanial Kenworthy series born?

There are many really good adventures stories/series out there today, and I didn’t want to write yet another in that long list. I wanted action, and lots of it, but I also wanted a character who delved into social, political, and spiritual issues – Indiana Jones on a higher level of consciousness so to speak. As a result, my “grandfather” was created to pass along his many adventures amid a healthy sprinkling of divisive issues as well.

Your main character, Nathanial Kenworthy, is different than most action heroes. Why?

I knew that I’d write many books in this series, and wanted a character who reflected many of my ideals in life. And I wanted to really enjoy all the time spent on each adventure. Hence, he is a spiritual man who faces a myriad of dangers but manages to find his way out of them by his mind and not necessarily by his brawn.

What common themes bind this series together?

Reincarnation. Time travel. Ancient History. Adventure. Danger. Karma. Justice.

Where will Nathanial travel to next?

He’ll travel to wherever there’s a mystery to be solved…an adventure to be experienced…an injustice to be overthrown…a danger to be challenged  So, the possibilities are endless! I hope you enjoy the many tales that need to be told as much as I enjoy creating them.